Weekly Warrior

Volume 2 Issue 3 November 17, 2014

Important Dates

Nov 17th-Visitors from Lynn Camp High School in Corbin
Nov 18th- ASVAB
Nov 18th- EGAT Day

Nov 19th-Grade 9, Grade 12, & Credit Recovery PLCs

Nov 19th, 21st, & 24th-MAP-9th grade in English I classes and some electives
Nov 26th-28th- No School, Thanksgiving Break
Dec 3rd-CERT Test 2--ONLY Juniors will be tested in this round.
Dec 3rd-Grade 10 & PLCS/Arts PLCs
Dec 11th-Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-6:30

Welcome to.....

On Monday, November 17th, visitors from Lynn Camp High School in Corbin will be at SWHS to consult with our Guidance Department. Kudos to them for becoming a model that other schools want to come and observe!

ACT Focus--Trimester 2

Trimester 2 is when we all need to focus on the upcoming March ACT for our junior class. One of the biggest issues all students face when taking the ACT is timing. ACT scores are not only based on how well they can answer the questions, but how rapidly they can do so. We are asking that you give students exposure to the timed test format and allow students to track their own progress as they become more familiar with the process. Give an ACT practice test, but only give them a portion of it at once with an equal fraction of time allotment. Gradually build up the length of these tests throughout the trimester until your students are hitting the correct pace for a full-length test.

ACT Score Changes for 2015:

Beginning in 2015, students will receive an additional STEM score based on the math and science sections that is designed to show their readiness for college coursework in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses. The familiar 1-to-36 scores on the ACT will not change and will still be reported. The new readiness indicators will supplement those scores, giving students, parents and educators more detailed insights so that they may better plan for future success.

The chart below looks at each section of the ACT:

Big image

Method Test Prep

Method Test Prep builds key skills that will help students achieve their potential in school, career and life. Use it inside the classroom in teacher-led sessions, or outside as supplemental homework assignments. It can also be used to create quick and easy formative assessments using ACT like questions for all four sections of the ACT.

A quick instruction sheet on how to create quizzes using Method Test Prep has been placed in your mailboxes.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.