Sell the art!!!!!!!!

By:Aaliyah Ray Robinson

The Situation

The Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) is trying to sell the art because Detroit is bankrupt and they need a way to get money for the city.

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My opinion

i think that the museum should sell the art so it can be used to people because Detroit is in need for money so the museum is going to close because Detroit has to get money either way. the artwork is worth about 2 billion dollars but people might pay more because they may think the art is worth more so, if people pay more then the museum will close but, the museum might pay off the debt so they won't be bankrupt anymore.

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Instead of the art museum, they could sell something else the Detroit government owns (the airport, the parks,the fire stations,etc.......)

your choice

if you think that the DIA should sell the art then type yes in the comment section, or if you think they shouldn't sell the artwork then type no in the comment section.