Autism is a brain disorder. It is a very common disease, mostly upon children. Scientist do not know why, but this is a very common in California and our nation which mostly affects boys. Since Autism is very common, it is good to know how to help others who are diagnosed.

Ten Facts:

1. 1 in every 68 children, are diagnosed.

2. Boys are more common to be diagnosed, scientists do not know why.

3. Autism Spectrum is a brain disorder.

4. 40% of the Autistic, cannot speak.

5. This disorder, can be genetically patterned.

6. Most common in California.

7. There are no blood test to tell if you've been diagnosed.

8. If you are showing symptoms, you may be evaluated by a doctor.

9. A person cannot die from Autism. However if they are stressed, serious actions may be taken. Even harming others.

10. It is a non-communicable disease.

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5 Ways To Maintain One's Health

1. Family therapies, may make the them more comfortable, expressing their problems.

2. Medical doctors, psychiatrist, or even psychologist, diagnose Autism.

3. Having your kid communicating with others, may help them speak or interact.

4. Having you kid go to school with appropriate environments, may help them learn.

5. A lot of kids on the spectrum, like to be given a task/something to do. This keeps them busy.