Busy Bytes

Issue 9

Week of January 19th-23rd


Classroom Lesson

I need to do an Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship/ Social Media Safety lesson with all students. These will only be about 20-30 minutes and I can come to your classroom. These lessons are required for me to do by the district. The expectation is that I will be sharing information to parents, students and staff. On Tuesday mornings during announcement I will be sharing one Tech Tip.

Important Dates

January 20th- Verify gradebooks by 8am (I am running Blank Grade reports next Monday- per Irving ISD guidelines there should be at least 2 grades in the gradebook by the second week of the six weeks and 4 grades in by the 4th week of the 6th weeks- this way the 3rd and week and 5th week can be used for the reteach)

January 21st- TELPAS Training: Register Here

January 30th- Last day to register for the Virtual Valentine Project!

Tech Challenges

There will be new Tech Challenges that will start in February.. be watching for more information.


Be watching for some great training coming your way! These will be different from the past as they will be focused on ideas that you can implement in your classroom rather than just tools. There is always Professional Development being offered online through the district by other ITS and teachers.


The writing blogs will be back in February. I need to revamp them a bit, and give information to your students.

The 411- Virtual Valentine Project

Each week I have a chance to have a conference with some amazing educators across the US. We have hosted various projects and our next one is quickly approaching. If you are interested in participating you must sign up by January 30th. Have questions, please let me know! Check out the website for more information and examples from last year.

Virtual Valentine Project

This project is designed to teach students geographical awareness and cultural understanding while connecting classrooms all around the world for Valentine's Day. Through this experience, our goal is to circumnavigate the globe with virtual Valentines greetings and cultural exchanges in order to spread a little happiness to children everywhere. Whether your students are in kindergarten or are seniors in high school, this project will help them learn something new.

Plug and Play

The challenges are up for February! I know that February seems so far away, but there are a couple of things that if you are interested you will need to register by the end of January! Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the February Challenges!

Don't forget:

Prizes for this month-

Fill one row (diagonal, across or down- Sonic drink on me!

Fill in two rows (diagonal, across or down) Sonic drink and a free jeans pass

Black out the board- Sonic drink, free jeans pass and lunch on me!

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