The Roar

By: Emma Clayton


Ellie is a 12 year old girl. She lives in London, about 50 years from now.


Ellie probably would take her monkey "Puck" on vacation with her because she took him while she was escaping . "..Ellie couldn't have left him behind".pg12

Second Item

Ellie would also take a " pod fighter" with her, because she would want a way to leave if she wanted to without having to wait. " we're going home, and not even Mal Gorman can stop us." pg 3
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Third Item

Lastly,Ellie would take her favorite sneakers that were taken away from her. "her new sneakers were taken." pg 7 " There's no way she would have been climbing the barriers , more likely avoiding puddles so she didn't get them wet." pg 25
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