Greek God

About Hephaestus

Hephaestus Roman name is Vulcan. He was born by Zeus and Hera. He is the God of Fire and Workshop. He is widely known for making the Gods and Goddesses weapons. (Britannica School).

Powers and Characteristics

Hephaestus was described as being disabled and deformed (Vulcan Myths and Legends of the World).
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Hephaestus doesn't really have any serious weaknesses besides not being able to hold his liquor and being volatile (Britannica School).

Where he lives and from?

He lived under many Volcanoes and he was born on Mount Olympus (Vulcan Myths and Legends of the World).

My favorite Mythical story

Zeus Hephaestus dad was having a head pains. Zeus called upon him to help bring relief to him. Hephaestus began to split open his head with an ax and out came Athena his sisters in full body armor a full grown woman singing a war song (Gale).

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