Friday Focus

October 12th, 2016

The most damaging phrase in the language is, "we've always done it this way." - Grace Murray Hopper

What's up?

Wow, this felt like the longest week ever! We made it, though. 10 weeks in already, which is shocking to me. And next week is a short week and a much deserved Fall Break for you all!


Congrats to Coach Travis Ruble. Coach Ruble is very deserving and will do a great job as Athletic Director.

Shout-out to Claire Seever, JD Fox, and Hawken Mersch for placing in their shows at the Tulsa State Fair! Mr. Epperson does a great job with our FFA kids.

Our Academic Team had their district competition this week and will have regionals soon. Good luck to Mrs. Stauder and those students!

Finally, our Big Red Pride finished up their marching competition season this week. I know Mr. McKinney, Mr. Green, and those kids have worked really hard. With a predominantly young bunch, I've noticed marked improvement from them each week at halftime of our football games.


Relevant and/or meaningful things I came across this week on the world wide web:

This is really good, in my opinion. Differentiating between compliance and respect. Do your kids need to like you to learn? Interesting stuff. Also, the TED talk referenced is one Mr. Dugger showed us a couple of years back.


On your way out for the weekend, reminders for our duty crew for next week:

Breakfast: Mrs. Lewis / First Lunch: Mr. Epperson / Second Lunch: Ms. Frailey

Student of the Month nominations are in need of some feedback for October. We're halfway through the month, so if you have anyone deserving, please take a minute and update that sheet. Here's a quick link back to it if you need it (although it's the same sheet we've been using).

Last Word

If you haven't been able to tell, I'm a huge fan of The Office.
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Have a great weekend!

Always proud to be a Bulldogger,