Kelly Creek Community School

May 9th - May 13th, 2022

Principal's Message

On Friday, SD #47 Superintendent Dr. Yule announced some principal and vice-principal changes for the 2022-2023 school year. The full list was sent out in an email on Monday. As part of those changes, I will be moving out to Edgehill Elementary in September. I have really enjoyed my three years at Kelly Creek! As you all know, it is a wonderful school with so many great people. Ms. Jen Kennedy will join our Kelly Creek staff in the role of principal next year. I have spoken with Ms. Kennedy, and she is very excited about this opportunity. Ms. Kennedy and I will get a chance to meet over the next two months and early in the summer to help with the transition.

I would like to thank all our families for making me feel so welcome over the past three years. Simply put, your children are amazing! I will miss them dearly. They are in very good hands here with such a wonderful and caring staff. I will be keeping tabs on their progress from afar.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.


Jamie Burt - Principal

Week at a Glance for Families

Monday May 9th

  • Kindergarten Fair- PR Community Health Centre
  • 11:00am Track and Field Practice
  • 1:20pm Egg Drop

Tuesday May 10th

  • National Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism
  • 8:45am Ms. Brander and Mr. Malin to OLC
  • 9:30am Mrs. Shostak and Ms. Ball to Timberlane Track

Wednesday May 11th

  • 11:00am Track and Field Practice
  • 1:00pm Ms. Murray to Public Works Yard

Thursday May 12th

Friday May 13th

Entire School Photo Day

Monday, May 16th

It's been a few years and we can't wait to get a photo of the entire school together.

Long Weekend ahead!

Friday, May 20th - Pro-D Day, no school for students


Monday, May 23rd - Victoria Day

PAC Meeting

Thursday, May 26th - 7:00pm

All families are invited to attend the PAC Meeting. In person at KCCS.

Tla'amin Word of the Week

For indigenous people it is protocol for us to self-locate. Traditionally, self-locating tells others who we are, where we are from, and who our families are. This practice is important for self-identity and understanding community connection. For our youth today it is equally important to reflect and understand who they are and what has shaped them into who they are today. These roots influence how we carry ourselves every day. It can be grounding and centering, as well as something we can go to when we are needing direction.

Cindy Mitchell


District Indigenous Culture and Language Support Worker

Youth Programming at PRPL!

  • Chess 101- A workshop for all ages and levels. Learn how to play the game and about PRPL’s new chess club.
  • Codespace (for ages 11+) Learn coding with a local tech wizard. Space is limited, registration is required.
  • Young Writers Group (ages 11+) Interact, create and engage in this fun social space. In person in the Library.
  • FIRST DIBS- Teens write book reviews, get published and get volunteer credit.