Roots of Change

By: Morgan, Josh, Daniel, and Anna

Part 2


What is the Holocaust? The Holocaust was the murder of 1.5 million jews in Europe (1933-1945) by Nazi's. Many Jews were sent to concentration camps to do labor, if one was not healthy enough to do labor they were immediately killed. Life at the concentration camps were hard and brutal. The main reasons Jews died were from over working, starvation, gas champers, medical experiments and shooting.

Conflict: The reason why the conflict started was because in January 1933, Nazi's became in charge of Germany, Germans believed they were a superior race and Jews were the cause of all their problems. Hitler told everyone that if the Jews were killed then all their problems would be gone.

World War 2

What is World War 2? World War 2 was basically a world wide war, involving almost every country in the world. Many believe the main cause of World War 2 came from World War 1.

How it changed the country: It changed the country by affecting what government went on in some countries it also affect where the country boundaries were by the end of the war.

North Korea and South Korea

What was the North and South Korea conflicts over? The conflicts between North and South Korea were about democracy. Both countries couldn't agree and wanted different forms of government.

How it changed the country? It changed the country by causing a war and separating Korea into two countries; North and South Korea.


What was 9/11? On September 11th four attacks were planned by an Islamic Group. The four attacks were planned for New York City and Washington D.C. Airplanes were hijacked and then crashed into the twin towers in New York. Another airplane was hijacked and planned to go to Washington D.C. but crashed into a field.

Conflict Created: The conflict that was created was between the United States and al-Qaed, because of al-Qaeda being harbored in Afghanistan the U.S begin to have problem with them because of the terrorism attack

May We Never Forget

Part 3


Nomadic herding

Nomadic herding is done in places with arid or semi arid region. These kinds of people continue to move with the animals. This kind of agriculture is done in Africa.

How it brought change: This helps Africa from being over grazed and helps with Africa not being overpopulated in certain places. It also helps Africa produce more meat and generate more cash.

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Livestock Ranching

Livestock ranching is commercial based grazing, which is done on large areas available for animal grazing. Livestock ranching is done in places with low rainfall, like North America.

How it brought change: It brought change by eating up a lot of land in national parks, and when conditions get bad, it has a huge impact on the price of meat which effects the economy.

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Intensive Subsistence Farming with Rice Dominant

This type of agriculture is used a lot in Asia. This the of farming is used a lot in places with a lo of rainfall.

How it brought change: Since rice is a major crop, it helped employ lots of people with work and helped feed a lot of people.

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Commercial Grain Farming

Commercial grain farming is best done in places that don't have a lot of rainfall and not a high population, that is why commercial grain farming is good for South America.

How it brought change: it brought change by increasing effientcy and will helps farmers improve thir standard if living and help bring down unemployment.

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Livestock and Grain farming

This type of farming is used in humid areas and done in Europe. Livestock and grain farming is used to get the best out of both animal and grains

How it changed the country: it changed by taking up a lot of land and helped the growth of both products.

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Sheep Farming

Australia is a major agriculture exporter and producer.

How it changed the country: because of Australians major agriculture exporting and producer the economy started to rise a lot.

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Part 1

Silk Road

Countries involved: Asia and Europe

Things being traded: silk products, iron ware, gold and platinum, bronze mirror, lacquerwar and bamboo work, medicine, farming and metallurgy techniques were introduced to Xiyu (ancient Xinjiang), India and Europe. Alfalfa, grape, flax, pomegranate, walnut, cucumber, lion, peacock, elephant, camel and house and some other plants and animals were taken to central China at that time

Time Period: 200 B.C.E and 1450 B.C.E

How it brought change to that country: Because of the Silk Road, the countries involved helped with a lot of peoples wealth, trading really helped lots of people make money by selling their goods. It also helped build up the countries that didn't have those goods before and made them well developed.

United States Trading Partner

Company: UGG

Country involved: Australia (plus all who Australia is trading UGG boots with)

Product being traded: UGG Boots

How it has brought change to the United States: UGG boots became a high fashion shoe in the United States, it is often in high demand. It has become the "it" shoe for a long time and has stayed that way for years. It helped bring up the economy too, by having Americans buy high costing shoes.

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