Little Coyote News

May 30-June 2, 2016

What is Going on the Classroom...

Hello parents and happy Sunday to you! I hope you are enjoying today.

Friday was a day for a party!! We did both parties outside and we had a great day, even with dreary weather. Thanks to all the parents who came and who helped. We had a lot of fun!!!

Well, this will be the last "Little Coyote News" for the year. It was great to communicate with you through this online newsletter, and I hope you got the news you needed to know.

Thanks for all the readers that read the "paper" as I enjoyed typing it. :)

Please read the following information to know what is going on this week.

Happy reading our last "paper" and enjoy your summer,

Mrs. Staten and Ms. Tianen

A Special Day as we Recognize Pre-K

Well, following days for the Special Day are:

  • AM's day is on May 31st between 10-10:35 AM
  • PM's day is on June 1 between 2:00-2:35 PM

I know that the times are short notice but, we had to work around all the other ceremonies that are going on this coming week. All parents are invited. We will be having the ceremony in my room and I will try to make it quick.

Dates to Remember

June 2-Last Day of School/Early Release Day

AM-7:50-9:50 & PM-10:30-12:30

Thank you and have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Staten and Ms. Tiainen :) :)


Again, thanks for all things you have done for Ms. Tiainen and I over the school year. We are both new to Pre-K and to CRE. After 17 years of teaching, Pre-K was a very NEW world for me and you all greeted me with open arms. I thank you all for that! I know that Ms. Tiainen, this being her first year teaching, she would greatly agree that you all made her year the best, so far!!! :) :) As we end the year, please know it was the GREATEST year for me in a LONGTIME!!!! Have a wonderful summer and make it a safe one!

Sincerely and see you next year,

Mrs. Staten