Espanol Y El Cerebro

by Ali Gay

Eric Lenneburg

Eric said that he has 2 languages that he is native to because he learned them when he was in between a sertain age.their is a sertin age between 2 and puberty when you use both sides of your brain. when you are younger you use bothsides of your brain to learn a language. when you are past puberty your right side of your brain closes to learn a second language so you only have half your brain.

the steps for learning a second language

it will take about 2 to 3 years to understand the language. it will take 4 to 10 years to read wright and understand.

step 1: understand more that you can say

step 2: be able to say more than 1 word

step 3: pick up phraises

step 4: be ablt to answer yes and no questions

step 5: you will able to choose how to answer the questions.

the 6 things that it takes

learning a second language is motivation, age, acceses to the language, personality, instruction and ability.