A Day In Time

Colin and Josh

Fisher School Fun

At Fisher School,you must write with a quill pen and blue indigo ink from an inkwell.You practice writing in cursive handwriting which we just learned this year. There can be 5 to 30 kids in each class.

At recess we played snap the whip, jacks and hoops. We tossed rings on the legs of a stool. We played marbles and we jumped rope. Students in the Fisher School liked to play tag back in 1868, just like we do in 2013.

Once students went back into the classroom, they used materials such as quill pens, inkwells, hornbook and slates and chalk because paper was expensive. They only used paper for writing essays and for tests. Every school had a portrait of George Washington and a photo of Abraham Lincoln hanging on its walls. Also the desks are separated into a boys’ side of the room and a girls’ side of the room. Big strips of wood were used as desks. We hope you enjoyed your walk down Old Fashioned Lane!