The Tierra Helada

The highest point of the Central Andes

The (nearly) Inhabitable Tierra Helada

This is considered an extreme environment, and it makes since. With the average temperature being 20 F - 55 F and there is a permanent snow line up there as well.

The People of the Helada

Despite all of natures shouting to not live here, people still live here. They obviously do not have a lot of WalMart so they have grow their own foods and make their own warm clothing.

The Daily Life in the Helada

Some of the people work in the mines, dangerous as they always are its one of the only ways to get money in the Helada. They also raise llamas and alpacas for food and resources.

Some Geographical things

The mountains are very rocky and if that wasn't enough there is a snow line where you guessed it snow is a permanent feature. Above the snow line it is normally uninhabited but there are still people that go up there for religious things.

Little fun facts

Most of the water in the Tierra Helada doesn't come from rain or lakes but from melting glaciers above the snow line. Bad news is that sometimes the Glaciers are nice and give water, and other times they flood the houses.