NEDP Daily Buzz

April 21

We're on YouTube!

NEDP has a new YouTube Channel where you can see all of our fabulous videos right in one place. It's linked right on our website so you can check it out any time.

Recycling Project

There are lots of projects that you can start right from your recycling bin! Here are some adorable glasses created by Patricia (Sunita WIlliams).

Material needed:
toilet paper roll
glue or tape
(stickers, sequins, etc. are welcome but not necessary)

Another Recycling Project!

NEDP is really into ping pong. Don't have a table? Make your own straight out of the recycling bin! Katelyn (Sunita Williams Site Coordinator) thought that her friends would love to do this.

A paper helicopter; how cool! Thank you, Ashley (Broadmeadow) for this fun suggestion.

Marshmallow Catapult!

Thank you, Molly S (Broadmeadow) for this engaging engineering activity.