Austin's Five Themes of Geography

by Kyle Knight

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The absolute location of Austin is 30.25 N and 97.75 W.

The relative location could be said as 4 hours from Dallas, 3 hours from Houston, and 1 hour from San Antonio. This picture shows the location of Austin because it is a picture of the world from a satellite, showing the exact location of Austin.

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Austin can be described as a place of natural resources modified to be used by humans. The Edwards Aquifer and the Colorado River are water sources, the land is hilly and the climate is warm. People live here in developed land, and make money through a variety of trades. This picture shows place because humans developed the land of Austin to suit our own needs.

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The region of Austin can be described culturally as liberal in contrast to the mostly conservative state of Texas. People who live here enjoy being active and going to events such as concerts, shows, and other outdoor activities. This picture show the region of Austin because it shows a lot of people going to an event outdoors.

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Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Many new people are moving to Austin suburbs, looking for work in here. This picture shows movement in Austin because it illustrates the selling of new homes.

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Human Enviroment Interaction

Humans in Austin adapt to the environment, modify it, and depend on the environment. We use the environment for everything like food and products. We modify the environment to better fit our needs like building dams and developing land. We depend on it for everything in life. This picture shows Human Environment Interaction because it shows how we developed a city by modifying the environment.