Rice Speech Team News

2nd Place at the Shepton Speech Tournament!

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2nd in Congressional Debate - Raghav Ramki

3rd in Dramatic Interpretation - Danielle Wang

3rd in Poetry - Anika Damle

1st in Poetry - Madhalasa Iyer

2nd in Musical Pantomime - Madhalasa Iyer

3rd in Musical Pantomime - Megan Liu, Sophia Zhang, Crystal Shen and Angela Zhao

3rd in Humorous Interpretation - Danielle Wang

2nd in Humorous Interpretation - Manha Haque

1st in Humorous Interpretation - Ananya Iyer

1st in Original Oratory - Christopher Lorde

3rd in Prose - Megan Liu

1st in Prose - Manha Haque

1st in Storytelling - Eshaan Chachad

3rd in Public Forum Debate: Vinod Venkataraman and Vivek Venkataraman

1st in Extemporaneous Speaking - Raghav Ramki

Goodbye 8th graders!

You will be missed!
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