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Pick Up Location: 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 1104, Suwanee 30024 at Cultured Traditions (LOWER LEVEL at The Plaza at Suwanee Station Shopping Center)

Pick Up Date & Time: WEDNESDAYS 1 pm to 6:30pm

New Vendor: The Family Apothecary

I am so very happy to welcome our fellow co-op member, Sarah McLain, of The Family Apothecary to our family of producers and growers!! Sarah has been a co-op member since 2013, and I'm so proud of her for starting her own business. I'm so happy her herbal tea blends, herbal tea baths, and more will be on the market starting this weekend. Please join me in supporting her!

Here's more information about her and her company:

The Family Apothecary a small business located in the North Georgia area bringing you a specially curated blend of natural remedies for health & home to support you and your family’s health and wellness! All of The Family Apothecary products we manufacture are made with only the best organic and sustainably-sourced herbal ingredients. Products we offer include herbal teas, tincture kits, and a variety of herbal goods for bath and home.

Owner, Sarah McLain, is a Registered Nurse with a passion for empowering others to make choices for their health that will not only be beneficial in the short-term, but will be practical and sustainable in the long-run. This passion for excellence and finding balance in wellness flows into all that we do at The Family Apothecary. We’re all about real, science-based natural remedies and non-toxic home & beauty. You can count on us to provide you and your family with practical solutions and quality products for improving your health and wellness naturally and sustainably.

AtlantaFresh Creamery is closing

It is with great sadness that I let you all know that AtlantaFresh will be no longer in business starting March 19th. I found out yesterday during deliveries so I didn't have time to find out details but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods. Right now they only have whole milk and yogurt in quarts. More than likely this will be our final week having AtlantaFresh on the market. We will continue to order from them as long as they have inventory.

They are the only non-GMO, Grass Fed, low temp pasteurized dairy I know of in the area. If any of you know of another dairy that adheres to our strict requirements please let me know.

In the mean time, we do have 2 other dairies, Cedar Rock Dairy and Little Tots Estate, that provide the co-op unpasteurized dairy.

Display Baskets Needed!

If you happen to be doing some early spring cleaning (since it feels like summer right now!) and happen to have some baskets you know longer need, please consider donating them to the co-op. I purchased some baskets when we combined the 2 co-ops but now I'm finding we need lots more! Also, if you accidently brought one of the those display baskets home please remember to bring back. Thank you so much for your support!!!

More News Highlights

Back In Time Farm

Bill has listed sprouted organic wheat on the market. Locally grown organic 3 day sprouted wheat. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Naturally sweet, delicious and very nutritious. Please keep refrigerated! Use them as a salad topper or grind to make sprouted wheat pancakes or bread. Back In Time Sprouted Pancake recipe is our Recipe of the Week.

B&B Bradbury Honey

Bob and Bev are back from their annual mission trip to Haiti. Local raw honey is now back on the market!

Fresh Harvest

SAVE THE DATE! Fresh Harvest Garden Tour, March 24th. More details to come...Don't forget to customize (make changes/swaps) to your FH basket by 2pm Friday (tomorrow) at https://freshharvestga.com/


New Grower! The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms

I'm excited to welcome The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms from Commerce, GA to our family of growers and producers! The Veggie Patch is a USDA Certified Organic farm that grows a huge variety of organic vegetables practicing sustainable organic farming in order to provide locally grown produce for a healthy lifestyle. More details and video in section below.

New Vendor! Duluth Cottage Kitchen

I am very happy to welcome Eva Kuhn of Duluth Cottage Kitchen to our family of growers and producers! Eva uses organically grown produce from her garden in Duluth and also Cane Creek Farms to create dehydrated vegetable powders. These can be used to add to your smoothies, thicken sauces, added to soups, and to add some veggies to your salad dressings. Great way to sneak in some veggies into baked goods as well. Check out her products on the market starting this week.

Cedar Rock Dairy -Milk Glass Jar Program Changes

Cedar Rock Dairy will continue to allow those that already have glass jars to continue to order milk in glass. Going forward, new milk customers will only be able to purchase milk in plastic jugs. We have had many issues with glass jars not being returned and Sam has decided to no longer offer glass jars to new customers.

Recipe of the Week - Check them out in the Recipe of the Week section of this newsletter. If you missed previous week's recipes, no worries, I've started archiving them to our co-op website under the Recipe tab https://suwanee.locallygrown.net/recipes and tagged some items on our website. I'm hoping by the end of the year we will have at 52 recipes to try out together! Feel free to email your favorite recipe to me!

New Sections in Newsletter- "Community Corner"- events, searching for job, and "Recipe of the week" Please send your submissions by Wednesdays. I can't wait to see some of your favorite recipes using some co-op ingredients!

New Grower: Marview Farms

I'm very happy to welcome Fernando Mendez Jr. to our family of growers and producers. Marview Farms is located in Arabi, GA. Marview Farms provides organically raised, pastured, grass fed meat. Their animals are raised free-range, without immune system altering vaccinations, or harmful steroids and insecticides. By nurturing our animals on grass alone, they are able to ingest Mother Nature's intended nutrients.

Marview Farms will be providing the co-op whole chickens starting this week! Back In Time usually provides this but they won't have any back in stock until May.

Check out the video below about Marview Farms produced by Georgia Organics.

We Farm Georgia - Fernando Mendez, Marview Farms

New Grower! The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms

I'm excited to welcome The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms from Commerce, GA to our family of growers and producers! The Veggie Patch is a USDA Certified Organic farm that grows a huge variety of organic vegetables practicing sustainable organic farming in order to provide locally grown produce for a healthy lifestyle. On their 300 acre farm they harvest from about 12 acres as well as from 6 green houses.

Throughout the year the Veggie Patch grows a wide variety of vegetables including; 6 varieties of kale, lettuces, tomatoes, watermelon, okra, eggplant, peppers, collards, beets, squashes, carrots, celery, Asian lettuces and cabbage, spinach, corn, culinary and medicinal herbs....and the list goes on. They will also have large variety of seedlings available for home gardeners as well in the spring and the fall.

They will list what they currently have available weekly on the market starting this week! Please note that this farm is addition to the other farms we already work with. Leilani's Gardens, Fry Farm, and the other farms that provide organic produce will remain on the market and will list items as they come into season.

Check out the video below from the farm to learn and see a little more about what goes on at The Veggie Patch.

(Note: this farm is addition to the other farms we already work with. Leilani's Gardens, Fry Farm, and the other farms that provide organic produce will remain on the market)


PLEASE HELP! Volunteers Needed at pick up!


Please consider volunteering during market pick up. I can’t run the co-op without your help! Shifts are 1 hour long and go by really fast. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow members. The schedule IS UPDATED through the end of 2018

THANK YOU Karen, Cindy, Chuck, and Erika for volunteering yesterday!

Click to Volunteer

No packing is involved just need someone to be there to assist other members. You are welcome to bring your kids as long as they are supervised.

Community Corner

You support us and we support YOU!! This NEW section of the newsletter will be dedicated to helping support our community. If you are looking for a job, have a business you want to share, a community event, etc., please let me know. I write the newsletter every Thursday so submissions are due by Wednesday to make it into the current newsletter. Please email your submission to suwaneewholelife@gmail.com

Recipe of the Week

Sprouted Wheat Pancakes ( Makes 4 each 5 inch pancakes)

serves 2

From Bill and Ruth Hayden (Back In Time Farm)

1/2 cup sprouted wheat
1/3 cup whole wheat flour
1 egg
A pinch of salt
1/2 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons baking powder

1) Sauté sprouted wheat in a dry skillet over medium heat three to five minutes until dry and lightly toasted.
2) In a blender add all ingredients except baking powder.
3) Blend on high for two minutes.
4) Add baking powder and pulse blender a few times to mix.
5) Cook pancakes in oiled skillet until cooked through
6) Enjoy with a pad of butter and a little maple syrup.

The pancakes are great paired with our Back In Time eggs and chicken sausage

Upcoming Group Buys/Vendors of the Day

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Group Buys:

Grass Fed Cheese - 4/6/18 - 4/8/18

Upcoming Farmer/Vendor of the Day/Farm Tour-

Spring Meet & Greet "Pop up" Market - TBD Spring 2018


Steering Committee Meeting - TBD Sunday, in February (more details to come)

Fresh Harvest - Produce Baskets - Sign Up Info

Below are instructions if you want to set up an account to have your Fresh Harvest produce basket delivered to our Suwanee pick up location at a discounted co-op rate. Use SWLC as your referral when signing up and receive $10 off your first basket! You will also receive 15% off co-op discount on every produce basket!

You can make exchanges, add on items, no weekly commitment, payment is directly with them, and receive high quality organic fruits and vegetables. 15% co-op discount will be applied to your basket order.

Here is the process for signing up:

- Go to www.freshharvestga.com
- Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner
- Select a type of basket
- Select frequency of delivery
- Input personal information
- Select “Suwanee Whole Life Co-op” as your ‘Delivery Location’ from the scroll down menu
- Receive 15% off every basket!

You will receive the “harvest email” on Wednesday afternoons. It will let you know what is coming in your basket the following week. You have until 2pm Friday to make customizations or add additional items.
You can make as many customizations as you like and that will not change the price of your basket. Then you will receive your basket the following Thursday at our Suwanee pick up location.

If you have questions please give them a call at 770-847-6630 and they will be happy to help you!

Wellness Partner

Dr. Rick Dietz Partners In Health, PC

Chiropractor in Suwanee, GA

3525 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road

Suite 102

Suwanee , GA 30024



Wellness partners please email your submissions prior to Thursday newsletter deadline.

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We are an online farmers market that strives to provide the community convenient access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products that contain No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Synthetic Fertilizers or Chemicals, No Additives, such as MSG or Nitrates, No GMO Soy and No GMOs.

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