Umbrella of Hope

Community Cat Assistance Program

Have you found a litter of orphan kittens or a mom cat with her litter in Contra Costa Co?

Umbrella of Hope offers a community-assist program for people who have found litters of orphan kittens or moms with litters of babies because we are all in this together to help prevent overpopulation.

We focus on Contra Costa County and preference will be given to people in East Contra Costa County if space becomes an issue. We currently have openings for about a dozen litters and we will continue to post this ad until we have exhausted these grant funds

We will provide any needed medical care, vaccinations, deworming for the mom and litter and when the kittens reach 2 lbs in weight (usually at 8-10 weeks of age) we will spay/neuter them for free (and mom too). We will also provide any needed support as you go through this wonderful, but tiring experience. We have bottlefeeding tutors and lots of volunteers with kitten experience. Finding a needy animal or litter is how a lot of us got started in rescue and then we stayed!!!

We do require that YOU foster them until this happens (we will not take them from you). You may promise the kittens to whomever you like and they do not have to adopt them through our organization, but you CANNOT give ANY of them away to new homes until they have been altered (no exceptions). Our grant makes us commit to a "zero population growth" and we have to ensure that this is done to use our funding to help you help these kittens.

If you are interested, please look for more information here: and fill out the Community Assist Contract or email us for more information