Fourth Grade News

Irene Clinkscale

Map Testing Days

We will be completing our beginning of the year Map Test on the following date:

Sept. 21 - Language Arts

*Chromebooks need to be charged*

Please try to schedule any appointments on other days.


Mark your calendars, 4th grade is headed to Austin! The cost of the trip is $75 this year (we had some of the cost offset by a generous donation). Please be mindful of the dates money is due. We have a deadline for payment with our tour company.

$75 total or:

$25 due week of October 12th

$25 due week of November 15th

$25 due week of December 13th

We will need all money paid before we leave for the December break. Cash (exact change) or checks made out to Clinkscale Elementary are the only methods we can take.

Chaperone information will be sent out soon!


Please sign up for your teacher's Bloomz app. This is an important communication tool!

Brookman, Harman, Hutson - code XJGUN8

Dillard, Montgomery, Perez - code GW9KDA

Dairy Queen Night Sept. 27

Clinkscale will have its first fundraiser of the school year. Join us Sept. 27th for a sweet treat at Dairy Queen!

Big Kahuna Fundraiser

Clinkscale's Big Kahuna fundraiser will be held from September 10 - October 1


Please make sure your student has a working pair of headphones for school.

Agendas & Takehome Folders

Agendas will be going home daily. Teachers will be putting a behavior grade in them. Please check them nightly and initial next to the behavior grade.

Takehome folders need to be checked periodically. Notes home and graded papers will be inside.

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We are using Words Their Way spelling program this year. We have assessed each student and placed them in a color group based on their current spelling ability. These groups will be very fluid, and students may move around from one group to the next. Our goal is to develop GREAT spellers in 4th grade. Your student will be given their list every Monday and a Spelling Test will be given every Friday.

Spelling Yellow Group - Modified (one rule)

  1. girl
  2. sir
  3. third
  4. bird
  5. fir
  6. firm
  7. chirp
  8. dirt
  9. first
  10. shirt

Spelling Yellow Group

  1. girl
  2. fire
  3. sir
  4. third
  5. bird
  6. birth
  7. tire
  8. spire
  9. shirt
  10. fir
  11. whirl
  12. hire
  13. firm
  14. swirl
  15. thirst
  16. chirp
  17. fur
  18. skirt
  19. liar
  20. twirl
  21. wire
  22. dirt
  23. first

Green Group

  1. hoping
  2. hopping
  3. leaking
  4. skipped
  5. plotting
  6. quoted
  7. joking
  8. wrapping
  9. greeted
  10. telling
  11. winning
  12. hunted
  13. racing
  14. chatted
  15. shouting
  16. skated
  17. panting
  18. floated
  19. dusted
  20. pasted
  21. needed

Blue Group

  1. foretell
  2. posttest
  3. afternoon
  4. replay
  5. retaken
  6. foresight
  7. forethought
  8. foreman
  9. prewar
  10. react
  11. aftertaste
  12. postdate
  13. postwar
  14. preposition
  15. reappear
  16. forefathers
  17. reclaim
  18. preseason
  19. afterthought
  20. afterword
  21. foreword
  22. research
  23. return
  24. reconsider

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Mrs. Brookman, Ms. Harman, Mrs. Hutson, Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Dillard, Mrs. Montgomery

Upcoming Events

September 21 - Map Language Arts

September 27 - Dairy Queen Night

October 1 - End of Big Kahuna Fundraiser

October 4 - Class Picture Day

October 6 - Walk to School Day

October 8 - No School

October 11 - No School

October 12 - Spring Creek Night

October 15 - $25 due for Austin

October 18 - Dairy Queen Night