City of good thoughts!

Tartu Mattiesen Print Shop

Vallikraavi tn 4, Tartu
The former Mattiesen Print House on the corner of Ülikooli and Vallikraavi Streets is also a noteworthy architectural monument in the centre of Tartu.

Angel’s Bridge

Lossi tn, Tartu

When you walk to Toomemägi (Dome Hill) in Tartu, you will certainly notice the Inglisild, which was built in 1838 according to the design of architect JW Krause.

Gunpowder Cellar

Lossi tänav 28
Tartu The Gunpowder Cellar offers Estonian and German dishes and has room for up to 300 people, including 30 in the private Schramm chamber, where you are seated at long trestle tables.

Devil’s Bridge

Lossi tn 19
Tartu The elegant Devil's Bridge is a rare example of a concrete bridge from the early 20th century. It complements Angel's Bridge and is one of the symbols not only of Toomemägi Hill, but Tartu as a whole.

The Leaning House of Tartu

Raekoja plats 18

The Leaning House of Tartu, which people also call the Pisa Tower of Tartu, was built next to the medieval city wall in 1793. The side of the house that faces the river is supported by the old city wall and the other side by poles.

Botanical Gardens of the University of Tartu

Lai tänav 38, Tartu

Botanical Gardens of the University of Tartu were founded in 1803. The Botanical Gardens were designed under the supervision of world-famous botanists, Prof Ledebour and Prof Bunge. Visitors can walk in the garden, relax in a rotunda in the middle of a pond, and children can use our playground.

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