Favorite Movies

Lauren Schropp


What makes this movie most interesting is that it is very funny and the main character, Annie, is awkward and argues a lot because she thinks she is always right. This movie is about a girl name Annie who has a best friend named Lillian and she is getting married. She has Annie be the maid of honor and she is very happy until she meets Lil's other friend Helen who is better than her and tries to take over the wedding and then her life just goes down hill and it just becomes funny throughout the movie. Her life is in a bad stage and makes everything funnier.
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Step Brothers

What makes this movie most interesting is that it is also very funny and it is about these 40 year old men that still live at home with either their mother or their father. Then their mom and the other one's dad gets married so they have to live together. At first, they hate each other and then they realize how much alike they are and they become best friends, and that's when it gets hilarious. Especially when they have to go out in the real world and have to get jobs.
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Coach Carter

What makes this movie interesting is the motivation this man has to make a whole team of bad boys turn into successful men. This movie is about a man that takes the job as the basketball coach at a very bad school. All the boys have no respect for anyone or anything and then he changes them and they turn into better men. It is a heartwarming movie.