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Safety and security Cameras For Your Home

Dianemo provides a wide range of options that enable the house owner to select the degree of defense that matches their way of living. Protection and also peace of mind isn't almost burglar alarm systems and safety cameras. Providing a secure and also secure environment for the whole family members extends to cover the use of things like PIR sensors not only to monitor movement from a security perspective but also manage safety lighting scenarios when set in the appropriate mode.

Dianemo puts you responsible of your house protection whether you are at home or away. You can have access to your security Beheer systeem gebouw from your mobile phone or the Internet. It resembles never being away! Rather than programme lights to come on at particular times or curtains to close, you can operate lights and curtains in a completely random fashion ... just like you would if you were at house.

Of course you can have security cameras as part of your Dianemo protection system All activity is recorded on the system and if appropriate Dianemo will allow you recognize, whether you are at home or away, by calling your mobile, and even an automatic call to a family participant of neighbour. Where Dianemo is different is that you are able to access live pictures to decide what action is needed. As a matter of fact you could even use your Dianemo to turn on lights or other equipment such as TV or audio equipment and speak to the intruder! Cameras aren't just about catching intruders. You might just wish to check what the children depend on or if the canine has crept on to the sofa while you are out.

Dianemo security could complement and integrate with a conventional alarm system; as a matter of fact Dianemo can usually assist make a typical alarm panel much more user pleasant! The sturdy Linux based software application is currently compatible with many sector standard methods as well as can be extended to cater for any specific needs. KNX and Z-wave control is provided as part of the standard system.

Creating scenarios to monitor your home in various situations couldn't be easier. Party mode as an example could signal you if visitors ventured into the study or drifted upstairs, baby sitter mode could alarm you to movement upstairs and night mode could alert you to movement downstairs if everyone should be in bed. Whilst motion sensors downstairs could alarm you to a possible burglar, sensors upstairs can switch on the light by just 20 % to create a safe path to the bathroom in situation the children get up during the night. There is so much versatility in the method you could configure your system to suit your lifestyle and family needs.

A Dianemo security system could easily be extended to meet your future home automation needs too, providing a flexible and affordable choice to many of the products currently available. Using the latest electronic innovation, Dianemo might allow you to accomplish big savings over a more standard safety and security or home automation system. Savings of over 40 % could be possible, making Dianemo the initial choice for self-build and property developers. Ask your installer about just how Dianemo is revolutionising home security and also automation. take an appearance