Spotted Lanternfly

Name and Alias

The common name for this species is the Spotted Lanternfly. But it's specific name is Lycorma Delicatula.

Physical Description

The Spotted Lanternfly has two sets of wings, Red wings with black dots. And brown wings with black dots. It is measure to 1 inch.
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The Spotted Lanternfly comes from China, India, and Vietnam.

Method of Transportation

People who move infested material or items containing egg masses. Also from cargo that arrives in the United States.

Last Seen

The Spotted Lanternfly was last seen in Berks County, Pa state officials and volunteers destroyed approximately 100,000 eggs, nymphs, and full grown Spotted Lanternflies.
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The Spotted Lanternfly feeds on a wide range of fruit, ornamental and woody trees, with the Tree of Heaven being one of the preferred hosts.
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Officials are telling people if they see them place them in hand sanitizer to kill them. Telling them to have a limited movement of wood. Lastly, to call the officials if they see them.