Me Myself& I

By: Me


Im me. That's Grace Nuckols! BYE!


Im Myself. Thats Grace Nuckols! BYE!


Im I. That' Grace Nuckols! BYE!

About Me

Ok im gonna give you three facts about me. IM STUPID! IM STUPID! And finally IM STUPID

About Myself

Ok im gonna give you four facts about me now. My Best friend is Jackson. My favorite color is red. My favorite sport is football. Thats Four!

I told im stupid! Ok ok fine i tell you one more IM STUPID!!!!!!!!

About i(math)

Ok so i ran out of things to tell u about me so ill tell you every answer all your tests EVERY ANSWER IS 5!!!!!!!


So me and a couple of my friends and Johnny made a ryme up. its called Cabbage Savage... did you eat your cabbage cuz I'm a savage and you look like a package with dicks in side cuz you order them on ebay Kelsey cant ryme and Mrs Camberlain isn't savage like Eminem and I.