Black Panthers

Facts About Panthers!

1. Panthers are carnivores that tend to eat deer, antelope, tapir, wild boar, rabbits and birds.

2. They can run up to 35 mph and they can leap up to 20ft in the air.

3. Panthers don't like to be around other big cats until mating season

4. Females become ready to breed at around 2 years old but males usually have to wait until 3-4 years of age

5. The girls are only pregnant for 3 months and on average have 3-4 cubs a litter.

6. Panthers are very rare and you rarely see them at zoos.

7. A panther is actually a jaguar or a leopard with a black gene that comes in and changes their color to black. You can still see the leopard pattern under the black.

8. Panthers love to swim and they are very good at it.

9. There is 31 species of Panthers

10. They live in forest, swampland and grasslands.

Panthers have never been found anywhere besides North America, Asia and Africa. Most common in North American

A few pictures of them

A Show Stopping Coat!

Frequently Asked Question

Will Panthers every be common?

Well, there's not many that are captured so they don't have many they can breed to get more. Hopefully they will become a more common species soon.

*Black "PANTHERS"...

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