Friday Focus

Mashburn Elementary November 14, 2014

What makes us thankful, excited, happy!!!

1. I am thankful for how well our team works together and supports each other. I am thankful for Linda who works so hard with my kiddos and bought a book for one of my students today. I was excited when we were lining up to go to the Book Fair and Daniel in his own words said, "hold on I forgot my pencil" and the kids gasped and said good job Daniel!

2. As many times as we say it, I am truly thankful for working with teams of people who get down to the nitty gritty of what needs to be done to best serve our kids. There are so many variables to think about...not only the individual child, but the class as a whole. I love that we can "talk it out".

3. I am thankful for book fair volunteers.

4. I am excited about how much information my kids are able to absorb! They are amazing.

5. I am thankful for the prayers for my sweet great niece Grace!

6. I was excited about my student who looked at his mom today and said "bye" without being prompted. The small things are what mean the most!

7. I was excited about a student that turned in his homework for the first time in forever because he promised me yesterday that he would, so he followed through.

8. I am thankful for Mashburn and my amazing Kindergarten team. I never imagined that I would have so much fun at a new school and work with ladies that make me laugh everyday. :)

9. I am thankful for my team. They work very hard everyday. I am also very thankful for each student, they make me smile every day!

10. I am thankful for the terminator nit comb!

11. I am thankful that my students put a smile on my face each day! Especially one that reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld!

12. I was excited that my student that told me "bye" today without any prompts. I often say things just to make conversation and do not always expect or get a response, and this time I did!!! It made me smile!

13. I am thankful for my new school, admin and awesome K team! God put us together for a reason, they have really ben there for me during this difficult time.

14. I was excited that one of my students was honest about making a bad choice at lunch. She asked to move her clip down after thinking about the choice.

15. I am excited about not finding any new cases of lice today during my many classroom checks!

16. I was excited about my students who went to the computer lab and completed the Moby Math pre-test and excitedly went on to the lessons without any glitches at all. Everyone was 100% on task!

17. I was excited that one of my students raised his hand for the FIRST time this year during a whole group discussion about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

18. I was excited that one of my severely autistic students used a number of words today. It made us happy!

19. I am thankful for hairspray!

20. my sweet, amazing, helpful, smart, and wonderful team mates!

21. I am excited about class discussions or sharing strategies with what my students say. They amaze me! I am thankful i get to teach each and every one of them. I am also thankful for people I work with!

22. I am thankful for my new team of supportive, fun, caring and smart ladies! We enjoy working together and have truly bonded as a team and as friends. I love that we use our different backgrounds and strengths to work together to do what is best for our students.

23. I am thankful for not having lice.. yet.

24. I am thankful that when Nurse Deana came to check my student he did not have lice! I am also thankful that I get to spend some 1 on 1 with a student and work on reading.

25. I am thankful for my great students!

26. I am so thankful for Julie - she is so good with our kids!

27. I am thankful for notes from my students telling me I am nice and have "humier".

28. I am thankful for the book fair and for Donna!

29. I am thankful for Linda Young walking my kids to buses so I could rush to the hospital to witness my best friend give birth!

30. I am thankful for my student who came into the resource room to take his test. He worked with a happy, good attitude. He told me thank you and he actually did well(ish) on the test!!

31. I am thankful that everything went somewhat smoothly today without my fearless leader!

32. I am thankful for Mary Jo's brother in law who brought a wheelchair to Donna.

33. I am thankful I found my hat, gloves and scarf tonight for car duty in the morning!

34. I am thankful for friends who remind me to read all the way to the bottom of Tracey's emails. :)

35. I am thankful for a job that when I leave my house in my slippers that nobody bats an eye and that it is completely acceptable.

36. I am thankful for for all of the students, teachers and parents who have wished me a "Happy Veterans Day".

37. I am thankful for Fall colors and cold weather as much as the first year I moved here from Florida.

38. It surprised me today that right before I have my math summative, one of my students got all of the students in the center of the room and gave them a pep talk and had everyone put their hand in and say "we're gonna rock this test". Amazing to see them encourage each other like that.

Look at all we have to be thankful for! Thank YOU for making Mashburn the amazing place it is!

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What's coming up! (please share relevant dates with your parents)

Nov 14th - Peggy Morrow Principal for a Day visiting, Dr. Bearden visiting,

Nov 17th - Blue Bear Awards, Leadership Team meeting

Nov 19th - LSC meeting

Nov 20th - County Reflections Night at Mashburn

Nov 24th - 28th - Thanksgiving Break!!!!!

Dec 2nd - Tie and Tutu Tuesday

Dec 5th - House Meeting

Dec 8th - PLC meetings

Dec 9th - Chorus Concert and parent night 6:00

Dec 17th - Crazy costume contest and cookie exchange

Jan 5th - Professional Dev Day, 9:00 4 step crisis training in cafe

Jan 9th - House meeting

Jan 12th - PLC Meeting,

Jan 13th - Honoring our Hero's ceremony

Jan 19th - No School - MLK day

Jan 20th - Leadership Meeting, 100th day of school, Family Ceiling Tile Project Night

Mar 13th - New date for Denim and Diamonds

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