7 Habits of Abraham Lincoln

Honorable Mr. President Lincoln !!

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Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, February 12, 1809. Because of the economic condition of his family, he did not receive any proper education. He was elected as the National Assembly and became a self-taught lawyer. And later he became the president of the United States.

1. Be Proactive

US President Abraham Lincoln is regarded as the best transcends of the ages. His leadership is not only in the United States but the world is learning about him. Lincoln Leadership comes from the power of communication. As a public speaker, also a writer and a debater, he is a humorist person that entertains people by his inspiration and training. In the end, what he did was the best leadership.


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2. Begin with the End in mind

Lincoln significantly became well known in 1850 when slavery was a national problem and it decided to return to politics. And by 1856 when the United States joined the Republicans, he became a presidential candidate. And then he announced the Emancipation Proclamation.


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3. Put first things first

Abraham Lincoln was elected as President successfully. And he succeeded in leading the country out from the huge internal crisis, the Civil War was preservation of the Union, and ended slavery. He prioritized solving all problems one by one, from the moment he became the president.


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4. Think win-win-

Lincoln, during his tenure of being the president, he solved the crisis of the war in Britain and Trent Affair. Trent Affair is an incident that captured the times of the British North America boarding a group of people in the southern, in the end of the Civil War period in 1861. Britain and the United States in this case was engulfed in chaos, but he opposed while the bulldog story of his boyhood war crisis between the two countries has gone.


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5. Seek first to understand; then to be understood

In Gettysburg Lincoln delivered only a 2-minute speech to many people and he received a big compliment. Gettysburg Address was a symbol of the tradition of liberalism soon liberty, equality, democracy in the United States, considered the most quoted speeches in hand throughout history. He left the immortal words which say "By the people, government of the people and for the people will not disappear forever from the earth."


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Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

6. Synergize

President Lincoln's wit and humor were to imitate others were unable to change the situation of an absolute affirmation, even if some rough situations. If he lacked of humor sense, it would make less people understood. His sense of humor became a very good synergy to him.


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7. Sharpen the saw

Lincoln was admitted to accept all of the critics that came for him. He wrote his anger in the letters. But they were placed on the desk without being sent. So Lincoln was constantly self-discipline.


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We should learn from his habits to become a better person. So, Now let’s start for the first habit "Be Proactive"!