Inspirational Role Models

By Anna Casey


My hero, Barb Shields, is an amazing woman and role model to look up to. She is inspirational, hardworking, passionate, and strong. As I learned more about her, I discovered many new inspirational facts about how she chooses to live her life and how those choices reflect upon her. please read on to find out many new facts about my hero.

What do I think of as a hero?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, A hero is defined as a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. A hero can be an ordinary person such as someone that helps a woman get their purse back from a purse stealer, someone who shovels another's driveway, and someone who does lots of volunteer work. It's amazing to know that many people might not know that they are someone else's hero. A hero is someone that people look up to in life someone that encourages others to do their best.

A hero is a role model that younger people can look up to. Imagine a full time working father coming home to his children every night to read them a bedtime story. The father may not know it, but he may be playing a big role as a hero in his children's hearts. Through all his hard work at the office all day, he still makes time to spend with his wife and children. Even through this small act of reading to them every night, his children think of him as hero and look up to him as a role model. It doesn't matter the act of a hero, big or small, a person can be a hero as soon as they have so one that adores them and wants to model their life after that person.

A hero is someone that strives to be their best as well as encouraging others to do the same. Barb, a real estate agent as well as a mother, frequently is trying to set good examples for her four children through working very hard at her job. This is a strong factor in being a hero because she tries to show her children that they can achieve success through passion and hard work. She especially tries to set this good example to encourage her girls that they should put in hard work throughout their life.

When people first hear the word hero, they might immediately think of the comic book classics like Batman or Superman. They may even think about certain celebrities that they think of as heroes, but that is the more direct definition of it. The definition of my hero can be an ordinary person that others look up to for good advice.

Barb Shields vs. Bill Gates

The definition of the word hero is someone that encourages people to put their best efforts forward and help those that are in need. Bill Gates lives up to the expectations of this definition because he is very generous in donating lots of money to different organizations and charities that need it. Through his life he has also demonstrated perserverance with starting a company from nothing. Through these actions he is a great role model to others. Bill Gates shows the characteristics of a hero through his generosity, passion, and risk taking.

Bill Gates is the cofounder of the successful company, Microsoft. In his early years, he took risks and reached for his dream. In the Bill gates essay, it states, “When Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1975, he ended his academic life and began his career in earnest as a software designer and entrepreneur. He went on to co found Microsoft with Allen. The partners wrote programs for the early Apple and Commodore machines and expanded BASIC to run on microcomputers other than the Altair.” At this point in Bill Gates’ life, he dropped out of college to go follow his dreams instead and ended up becoming the cofounder of Microsoft. This shows heroic actions through his risk taking and passion that he has for following his dreams and working hard to get where he is today. The big risk that he took when he dropped out of college was risking a lot of things. The fact that he was able to succeed with his dream job and start this job out of a garage shows passion and risk taking.

My hero, Barb Shields, and Bill Gates are alike because they both fit my definition of a hero. They both are role models for young people to look up to, help others in need, and are hard and successful workers. Barb does lots of volunteer work while Bill gates has donated lots of money to people in need. They are also both very hard workers when it comes to their jobs. Although, they have some characteristics in common they have different passions and are unique from each other. Barb Shields is a a real estate agent, wife, and mother of four. She is very passionate about her job and volunteer work, yet a big reason that she is so active is to be a good role model for her children. While on the other hand, Bill Gates’ passion for computers has become a job for him through the success of co founding Microsoft.

If Bill Gates were to give advice, he would probably say something about following your dream and not giving up. Through the actions of starting his own company, he has shown passion, risk taking, and hardwork pays off. Bill Gates is a very good role model too younger people and should be looked up to as a hero for his heroic charicteristics and actions.