Dwight Eisenhower

34th President of the united states

Dwight Eisenhower

1.Dwight was born in Denison Texas in 1890 then he was brought up to Abilene, Kansas.

2.Dwight left office in 1961 for his farm, but soon passed away on March 28 1969.

3.He commanded the Allied forces the allied forces landing in Africa on November 1942.

4.On D-Day he was was supreme commander of the troops invading France.

5.He married Mamie Geneva Doud in 1916

6.Dwight Eisenhower was elected for president in 1952

7.Dwight's 10 month old brother Paul died of a disease, when Dwight was 4 year's old.

8.After Eisenhower graduated from high school he went to go help his father in a creamery.


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