Immigrant Rights

Immigrants entering the United States and the European Union

Immigrant Rights Are Very Important

Immigrant rigths are very important because immigrants don't have a right and freedom to move to where they want, and because they don't have this freedom they get treated diffrently. Some human rights being violated are the rights to equality, right to equality before the law, and the right to free movement in and out of the country. Immigrants work in dirty, dangerous, and degrading jobs. An estimated 232 million people currently live outside their country of origin. Immigrants have to endure human right violations, descriminations, and exploitations.

Organizations That Support This Cause

In the United States the organizations that support the immigrant rights are CLINIC, DACA, and DAPA. CLINIC provides assistance on immigration issues and advocates legalization of undocumented immigrants and family reunification. DACA provides undocumented immigrants driver's licenses, work permits, and U.S social security numbers it also protects young immigrants from deportation. DAPA tried to delay the deportation of undocumented immigrants by 3 years if they met certain conditions. The republicans believe that Barack Obama made a "lawless" attempt to bypass congress and rewrite the immigration law by presidential fiat. In the EU the organization that helps them and other countries is the MRI, IOM, and the MPI organization. The MRI helps by offering respect, protection, and fulfillment of the full range of human rights. IOM helps because they want to and are committed to help in the migration benefits. And the MPI help immigrants worldwide by analyzing the movement of people worldwide but especially in Europe.


This organization helps many immigrants. They provide them with many helpful resources.

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