Why Girls + Tech = Awesome

Girls in Technology Club Eanes ISD

Tech when I was a kid...

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Sim City

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Oregon Trail

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Tech for single purpose

My Tech Evolution

College + Technology

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Grad School + Technology

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New teacher & New Technology

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Training on Technology

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Technology Infusion (Life + Technology)

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Technology as an Art

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Encouraging Women in the Tech Community

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A couple reasons why I love technology....

1. Supports Universal Design for Learning (I'll explain)

2. Increases productivity

3. Keeps me organized (sometimes)

4. Encourages my creativity (Canva, Smore, Easelly, ThingLink, Wordpress)

5. Connects me to others trying to make an impact-- so much smarter together

6. Pushes the level of my work--accountability

7. Ability to engage & develop an audience and develop/curate content for them

8. Not limited to just one subject area-- can support almost any endeavor or job path

9. Less discrepancy in wages between males and females in tech positions

10. Possibilities are endless

Women in Tech Today

Post above shared with me via Greg Garner

Women in Tech in the Future

GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys "Princess Machine" (a concert for little girls)

Update: Both Sides of the Story

Since I posted the video link there has been much online dialogue both supporting and refuting the message of GoldieBlox.... You decide

What do you want to do?

Think, Puzzle, Explore

  1. What do you think you know about what you want to do in the future?

  2. What questions or puzzles do you have?

  3. How can you explore different career paths?