Lincoln Agenda

September 22-26 * 2014

College Go Week Activities

Monday- Teachers share with classes about the college they attended.

Tuesday- Staff and students wear college shirts/gear (free jeans day)

Wednesday - Students dress like your favorite career day

Thursday- Tie Day - Represent being professional

Friday- School Spirt Day - Lincoln/Hanover Pride

GCN Training

There is a red folder by the mailboxes to put your completed GCN certificates in. Remember, these need to be completed individually and are due at the end of October. Thank you.

Curriculum Mapping Sessions (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

We are beginning our mapping this week with grades 3-5. If you are participating in the mapping, please be sure you have the paperwork filled out so Meryl can obtain a sub for you. We are combining the math and ELA mapping sessions so representatives from both schools should attend both sessions.

Grade 3 - Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept 23 & 24, 8:00-3:20 at Jane Ball

Grade 4 - Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept 30 & Oct. 1, 8:00-3:20 at Lincoln

Grade 5 - Wednesday & Thursday, Oct. 8 & 9, 8:00-3:20 at Lincoln -NOTE CHANGE

What should you bring with you? Scope and Sequences from materials you are currently using may be helpful. We will begin with math first. If your sub will not need your laptop, you may want to bring your laptop.


When you come to RTI and your student is on the agenda, please bring multiple copies (probably 15 copies) of the review sheet. The first meeting should go rather quickly for your student, as we are just reviewing basic data and stating the goal, unless there have been changes or there is something we need to know as a committee. Please be prepared to participate in decision making and discussion. Please bring your paperwork and documentation.

When you are in the library for the RTI collaboration session (on the "off" week), please discuss with your grade level team or colleagues and fill out the review sheet. This is a great time to talk about what might work in the classroom for that student.

Hoping the new schedule is working out for everyone, but if you have concerns or conflicts, please talk to Jessica or Sue, or let me know.

As a Courtesy

Please be sure you are staying on schedule when picking up your students from specials, recess, etc. There is always the parent phone call or meeting that occasionally runs over, but as a rule of thumb, you should be on time. Thank you in advance.

Capital Improvements

If you would like to fill out a capital improvement form, they are by the teacher mailboxes. The PTO will be accepting these until the end of the month, so if you did not fill one out, it is not too late.


Even if you can't attend every PTO meeting, please consider joining the PTO. This is as easy as putting $5.00 in an envelope with your name on it. You can put this in the PTO mailbox.

Flower Fund

If you would like to participate in the flower fund this year, the cost is $10.00 for each person. The fund covers hospital stays for immediate staff, death in the family, birth of the first child, and retirement. Payments are due to Alyssa Monix by October 1st. Please put your payment in an envelope clearly labeled with your name and your choice of flowers or donation on it. Envelopes should be put in Alyssa's mailbox.

Spirit Wear

There are spirit wear flyers by the mailboxes. There will be an additional "Staff Only" spirit wear flyer with more spirit wear choices.

What's Happening....

Monday, 9/22

College & Career Awareness Week

Tell class about what college you attended.

Tuesday, 9/23

Wear college shirt and free jean day.

3rd grade curriculum mapping @ JB

Wednesday, 9/24

Students dress like their favorite career.

3rd grade curriculum mapping @ JB

Thursday, 9/25

Tie day, to represent being a professional

RTI-Primary in Amanda's room, Intermediate in Library

Friday, 9/26

School Spirit Day - Wear Lincoln/Hanover clothing.

8:05-Meeting in Library regarding the Lending Library from NWIESC