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November 2014

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Orchestra Winter Concert

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 7pm

2351 Sunny Hill Rd

Lawrenceville, GA

Call time for ALL performers is 6:00 pm

Doors to the PAC will open at 6:40 pm

All students required to stay for all performances.

Admission for non-members is $5 per person over 3 years old.

Admission for members is FREE (the entire family!!)

Students are encouraged to wear one piece of "holiday/winter flair" with their formal uniform at this performance!

Join us afterwards at Steak N' shake by the mall for after-concert treats!!

AUDITIONS for 2015-2016

Audition packets will be able in the Orchestra room starting next week. Auditions will be in Mid-January.


1. In order of musical advancement, the orchestras offered are:

  • Black and Gold
  • Concert
  • Symphonic
  • Philharmonic
  • Chamber (most advanced)

2. If you are already in an orchestra, you don't have to audition to stay in that orchestra.

3. Students in Black & Gold Orchestra will automatically move up to Concert Orchestra without an audition.

4. Students wishing to advance to SYMPHONIC, PHILHARMONIC, or CHAMBER Orchestras will have to complete ALL audition requirements and achieve an 85% or above on the audition rubric in order to be considered for placement in an advanced orchestra.

5. Students can skip as many levels as they want, so long as they achieve the necessary score on the audition. Ex: someone in Black and Gold can audition for Philharmonic and will be considered for placement if they reach the score cut-off (85%).

6. EVERY audition will require a short sight-reading passage. The music to be read will be appropriate for the ensemble the student is auditioning for. So a student in Concert orchestra who is interested in Chamber orchestra will have sight-reading that is on Chamber Orchestra's musical level.

These rules have been developed in an effort to promote objectivity in the audition process. That said, there is a certain level of musical and social maturity required for success in advanced ensembles (Philharmonic and Chamber, especially). If a student possesses the technical abilities for an orchestra, but lacks the maturity required of these advanced ensembles, that fact will factor into their placement.

Questions? Email Mrs. Betts!!

from last year's Winter Concert:

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!

Things always start picking up around this time of the year and families are very busy. Please remember that the concert on December 4 is a large part of your student's orchestra grade and that they are required to stay for the entire concert.