Anicent Greek & Rome Contributions

By: Kaitlyn Motsco


This is a Greek construbution. They made vases when they did art. They stored water, wine, & olive oil in it. The vases they made were usually orange and black. Now we use vases to put flowers into. They can also be multiple sizes, shapes, and colors.

Spread of Christianity

This is a Roman contributions. In the Roman Empire they went to churches. They practiced their religion there. The religion was based off the teachings of Jesus and the holy book the Bible. Today they still used churches to practice the Christian religion.

Theater & Drama

This is a Greek contubution.In the Greek Empire they did plays. Men were the only ones who participated in the plays. They mostly did tragedy & comedy. Today men & women are allowed to participate in plays. They still do tragic & comedy and many more types of plays.

Development of Concrete Roads

This is a Roman contubution. The Roman Empire had concrete roads. They used roads to transport people to different places. They still use roads today for the same purpose.

Sports & Entertainment

This is a Greek contubution. In the Greek Empire they did sports. Sports were a major event in Ancient Greece. The Olympics were an important sporting event that Greek men participated in. Many people would come to watch the olympics. Today the Olympics are still a important event around world.