The Car That Did It All

Get Behind The Wheel

Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a car and hear the roar of the engine? Well with the Aston Martins you can get that experience.

The man that started it all

Have you ever wanted to make a car? When Lionel was a boy he alway wanted to get his hands behind the wheel when he was a boy his mom bought him a bike to ride to school but instead he would go and race with other boys. Would you do that's? Robert Bamforad and Lionel Martin joined together and decided to make a new kind of car. In 1913 they worked hard to make a new car and they did they finished it in 1914 and everyone in town wanted to see the new car. But sadly in 1920 Robert left.The man that Owens it all know is David Richards
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Old To New

The first car was the coal scuttle. It was very popular for awhile in the town. The newest car is the V8 Vantage S. Would you like to get in one of these cars and look at the different from then and now. The V8 has a very unique body style to make it move faster. It's top speed is 205 mp and it is a light weight sports car to help it move faster.
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Bond behind the wheel

James bond used the car in 1964 in Goldfinger using the DB5 from their on he fell in love with the car and kept using it in ever movie.They wasted up to 24 million in the newest movie spectater of James crashing it for the act.

Goldfinger Car Chase

History and logo

The wings look like to a airplane but Aston’s logo actually depicts the wings of a scarab beetle.Did you know that DB stands for David brown who saved the company from bankruptcy after the 2 world war.

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Testing Out The Aston Martin Vanquish - Fifth Gear

Reflected on the world

About 80% of Aston Martins are still on the roads. Many people are still in love with them even James Bond is still in love with them even after 1964.