Riverside County Leadership Retreat

June 17-19, 2019

Monday, June 17th


1:00 PM Lunch at Corner Bakery - Temecula

4:00 PM Check in to House

6:00 PM Dinner Delivered from La Cocina

Smores and Fun

Family Liaisons - Year Plan

Teacher Trainer - Year Plan

Training Schedule 19-20

July Topics:

  • Snips, Tips & More!
  • Let’s Get Organized
  • Curriculum Ordering System

August Topics:

  • Student Roster Checklist Breakdown
  • Master Agreements 2.0
  • Star 360
  • LP meetings+Works sample grid HS HQT WS

September Topics:

  • Non-Compliance Process + Withdrawals
  • Claim + Archive Attendance
  • Work Record Grid + Upload (LP1 LP3 LP5 LP6)

October Topics:

  • Progress Indicators + Progress Reports
  • SPED + EL Process
  • Testing Talking Points -PFT -SBAC

November Topics:

  • Work Record Upload 2.0


*Strong Start Tab instead of a separate sheet?

*Morning Meetings + Office Hours- Mondays 9:30-10:30

*Policy for absence?

HSSC - Year Plan


  • Attend a rotation of RC Meetings

    • Able to present a topic of interest

    • How do we prioritize months

  • Support NTT/Boot Camps

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Attend county-wide meetings

    • Able to present a topic of interest

  • Focus: Support teachers in monitoring student progress

    • Extra office hours prior to progress reports?

    • Add/Drop Grade Check in?

    • Extra support for teachers who have students receiving a grade of D or F?

    • Videos demonstrating how to monitor progress in each platform?

    • Helping teachers feel comfortable with difficult conversations

High School Events/Ideas:

  • Support High School/College/Career Expo

  • History Day (District/School?: Feb 1st or 8th; County: March 21-ish)

  • College/Career tours (5)

    • JC, state, trade, intern/entrepreneur

  • Fall/Winter Event--Broomball?

  • Prom

    • New venue or same venue?

    • May

  • Signing Day- May 1

  • Week of Service

    • March 25-29- Cesar Chavez week of service (Spring)

    • 9-11 week of service (Fall)

  • High School Assembly (Spring)

    • Silly/messy games

    • Motivational Speaker

    • Honor Seniors

    • Welcome 8th graders

  • Regional Stay Alive demos

  • Senior Sunrise/Kidnapping

    • Beach breakfast

    • Senior Sweatshirts/T-shirts

Questions for Leadership Team:

  • What are some of your regional needs that the high school team should know about?

  • How can I serve you?

2019-2020 Calendar

Back to School Events

Curriculum Share

Vendor Events

Entrepreneur Fair

Spelling Bee

HS/College Fair

Test Prep Party

Testing Window



EOY Staff Party

EOY Team Parties

New Event Ideas: Science Fair, History Day, etc.

Meeting Schedule


  • Do we like our current schedule?
  • What should we change?
  • What days?
  • Visitors?

  • Leadership Meetings
  • RC Meetings
  • Team Meetings
  • Regional Meetings

Team Meeting Location/Visit Schedule

Team Meeting Dates

Weekly Update Reports

Teacher Trainer, Family Liaisons & HSSC add report/blurb by COB every Thursday!

Tuesday, June 18th


8:30 AM Breakfast at the house

9:00 AM Meeting Time

12:30 PM Lunch at Avensol Winery

3:00 PM Meeting Time

6:00 PM Dinner Delivered from California Pizza Kitchen

Dessert, finish planning, fun

New RC Teams

Team List
Create Distribution Lists
Email Teams

RC Signature
County Contacts
Roster Checklist
Team Folders

Buddy System

  • AD/RC Buddies
  • Teacher Buddies w/in team

RC 101 - The Job Description and Important Things to Know


  • Respond to teacher and parent emails/calls in a timely manner (12-15 teachers)
  • Send email reminders about upcoming events/deadlines


  • Check roster survey & Update the contact sheet by Wednesday
  • Attend team community events
  • Weekly RC check in with leadership team


  • Help at EAs (every two months)
  • Attend virtual leadership meeting (1st Friday) 9am-11am
  • Attend in person RC meeting
  • Lead in-person team meetings
  • Monitor teacher Roster Checklists at the end of LPs - follow-up when needed


  • Participate in HST/RC interviews - help with hiring
  • Assist in field trip planning for team members
  • Assist in community event planning for team members
  • Help with recruiting/info sessions
  • Follow Up on any schoolwide tasks
  • RTO's
  • Virtual Request Forms
  • Oversee PFT
  • Oversee SBAC
  • Withdrawals

Mandatory Events

Which should be mandatory?

  • Back to School Park Day
  • Vendor Event
  • HS Fair
  • Testing (SBAC/PFT)
  • Graduation
  • End of Year Park Day
  • ???


Community Events for the Year

How do we want to organize this year?

Theme across areas, less events with larger audiences, combined teams?

School Calendar

Planning Sheet

Community Events Calendar

Field Trip Calendar



Non-Compliance Process

Work Sample - Best Practices

Enrichment Adventures



Extreme Ownership

August PD

August 5: Virtual

August 6-7: In-Person (Location TBD)

August PD Folder

Wednesday, June 19th


8:30 AM Breakfast/Meeting

9:30 AM Meeting Time

11:00 AM Check Out

Before we go...

  • Dishwasher loaded and turned on
  • Trash taken out
  • Air off
  • Towels in laundry room
  • Check for all your things
Big picture