Mahatma Gandhi

By: Rotimi Flaveney

Who is Gandhi

Known as Mahatma or Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi was the leader of India's independence movement and organized civil disobedience with the Indian people. For much of his life Gandhi worked to gain civil rights for the Indian people.
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About Gandhi

  • Born October 2, 1869
  • Gandhi's father was the chief of Pohandar India
  • He praised the Hindu god Vishnu and practiced Janism, an Acient Indian religion that practiced non-violence, vegetarianism and meditation heavily
  • Gandhi was forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 13
  • Studied law before becoming a political leader
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What did he do?

  • Gandhi lead a different form of rebellion for Indians under British rule in 1940
  • This was known as civil disobedience
  • he first engaged in civil disobedience when he was in South Africa when he was shown racial injustice by whites in the area
  • Gandhi was imprisoned for two years after leading a march that turned violent against British rule
  • When he was released Gandhi led his revolutionary salt march against the British tax on salt that Indians used in great amounts
  • The salt march resulted in the imprisonment of 60,000 indians but later granted indias independance in 1947
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Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948 a year after independence was granted. He was shot in the chest at point blank range 3 or 4 times. Gandhi proved to have a huge impact on India being one of its biggest political figures in history.
Mini Bio: Gandhi