Temperance Movement

Drinking is for the unwise

What is it?

The Temperance movement was a movement formed in 1826 to stop alcohol abuse. Americans consumed two to three times the amount of alcohol per capita than today. This led to many conflicts. Although men were also part of this movement, the majority were women.

Societal Problems/Forces that led to this movement.

Drinking wasn't a problem until people started abusing it. When people are drunk, they lose their intuition. They can't really differentiate right from wrong; Which leads to violence and crimes.


The main goal of this movement was to stop the use and production of alcohol or make it illegal. Protestants believed that alcohol was the root to crimes ,disorders, poverty. They felt that the only way the society could improve was by abstinence of alcohol.
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  1. Propaganda- In general, a message designed to persuade its intended audience to think and behave in a certain manner.
  2. Speeches- Talk to a large group of people on the issue.
  3. Religion- This will aid because of "morality".
  4. Get more people to join the movement.
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Successes of the movement

  • It saves precious lives of human beings.
  • People are also much healthier without the consumption of alcohol.
  • Raised awareness
  • International cooperation
  • Both women and men are involved.

Carry Nation

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American Temperance leader

She entered the Temperance movement in 1890. She would march into saloons and proceed to sing, pray, and hurl biblical readings in a bitter manner. She was also known for a hatchet that she would carry around and smash bar fixtures with. She was 100% against alcohol use. She believed it was like a parasite to society.

Key Events

Social problems created by alcohol: loss of intuition

Arguments for prohibition: 18th amendment. People argued that this is America and they should be allowed to drink if they please.

Women's movement

The Temperance movement connects to the women's movement because many women were involved.

Reasons why you should donate:

  • There will be less crimes.
  • You live on this planet, therefore you should be concerned for it's future.
  • It'll help raise money to raise awareness

Depending on the amount you donate to the cause, you'll receive:

  • Small amounts- A button
  • Good amounts- A button, Shirt, coffee mug, certificate
  • Large amounts- A button, shirt,coffee mug, certificate, and a cool medal
  • At the end of the day, a person with a good heart donates and doesn't expect anything in return. They give to give, not to recieve.


  • Make the hashtag a trending topic on Instagram and Twitter
  • Youtube, Twitter, and vine videos
  • Facebook
  • Clothing, buttons, and bumper stickers
  • Music
  • Commercials
  • Billboards


Help raise awareness everyday but lets make Tuesday the special day.