Summertime, and the oilin's easy...

Summer is off to a fantastic start!

Your Wellness Checklist

Whether you are brand new to doTERRA or you've been oiling for a while, here are some resources that will help you get the most from your oils.
  1. Continue educating yourself. I'm a teacher, so that has to be number one. When you left your first class, you were most likely overwhelmed, and that is common. I learn something new every single day. Go to classes, online classes, and webinars. Let me come to you and help teach you. I don't know it all, or pretend to. But together we can find solutions for what you are looking for.
  2. Meet. Call. Text. Email. Don't feel like you've been left in the dark. I have TIME now-which I've been short on lately, so I hope to talk to each of you soon. But if you need help anytime, please reach out. The easiest way to get me is to text me: (276) 492-1131. Reach out to your enroller, Camie Perry or Ashley Chapman, too. We are all glad to help you.
  3. Facebook groups. On Facebook? If we're not friends on Facebook, please add me (Holly Rector Morrow). If you aren't on the Branches group and Abingdon-ish Branches group, please add yourself! These are amazing groups for our team, whether it's for webinars, Facebook classes, or answers to questions you may have. You can click on the magnifying glass on the Branches group to find answers, then if you can't find an answer, post a question! Also, I recently created my group (Holly's Oil Group) solely for class info and special giveaways and offers. I'm not on Facebook enough to answer health questions because I try to chime in on our other groups. Besides, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel when there are amazing groups addressing those concerns already. :) Text me if you have an immediate concern. Thanks!
  4. Diffusers, rollerballs, and glass spray bottles. Okay, this should probably be number one. Everyone needs a diffuser or ten. I try to keep several Green Air diffusers in stock at the wholesale cost, and doTERRA also has great diffusers. I also try to keep rollerballs and glass spray bottles, but you can also find them online. My favorite online store is, where you can save 10 percent using the code MOG-1011. and are also great sites.

Look at the SUNSATIONAL Flavors Kit! Happy dance! Happy dance!

If you place a single PV order of 200 PV or more this month, you get 5 mL each of CUMIN, DILL, SPEARMINT, and TANGERINE!!!! This is a huge dill! I mean, deal! Cumin, dill, and spearmint are unavailable unless through a special offer- and tangerine is only available through the Share Program! Don't miss out on this! There is product info on each under the photo below. And our Product of the Month is Fractionated Coconut Oil- and you get 15% off Juniper Berry! Don't forget to order your LRP by June 15th to get your free FCO! Keep reading for more info on the LRP.

Congratulations, Robin Henley! Robin won our monthly LRP drawing, and won a travel keychain with ten of my favorite oils! I know she'll especially love the helichrysum! This month I am giving away to TWO lucky winners! Have you seen the new hardcover book The Essential Life (published by Total Wellness Publishing, LLC)? It has almost 450 pages of oil usage and wellness information! I LOVE it even more than the Modern Essentials book. To be entered, simply place your Loyalty Rewards Order for 50 PV or more. One entry for 50, two for 100, and so on. If you don't know what the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is, please click here for the youTube explanation- or contact me so I can help you! Simply put, it is the smartest and cheapest way to purchase your doTERRA products- you get points back for FREE products!!!!
More giveaways! AND, if you do order your 200 PV to get all of your awesome oils, don't forget to email Spring Esteppe at (Make SURE you put "LRP promo" in subject of email, and include your wellness advocate number, PV order total, and order number!) She is giving two bottles of helichrysum away! Also, on Jared Winger's oBundance group, he is having a TON of giveaways. Join his group on Facebook (he is an amazing Presidential Diamond). If you do even one of the things he has listed, you can be entered into getting LOTS of free product! Here is the form that is included with the giveaways. It is based on the honor system.

Holly Morrow, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

School's out for summer!!!! (And I'm STILL teachin'!) I can't wait to have fun in the sun with my daughters this summer- and I already miss my kindergartners terribly... BUT I have been anxiously awaiting TIME. That is something I have been short on this spring, and now that I have some time I can't wait to schedule wellness consults for my wellness advocates (yes, y'all)! I already have a few scheduled. Who wants one? I'd love to help and support you any way that I can. If you've been to one of my classes, I am upfront in telling you that starting out can be overwhelming. It's my job to make sure your oils are not sitting on a shelf. I hope that you incorporate them into your daily routine throughout the day, and if you don't, please let me help you. And, if you're interested in scheduling a class, let me know! I'm a text, email, or phone call away. Many of you have family or friends who you know will benefit from essential oils. Let's help them, and please let me continue to help you!

Upcoming Classes!

I'm teaching this one Tuesday with Camie! Join us!

There is also a Summer Survival Class at the Holiday Inn on Exit 7 next Thursday, June 11th. Here is the link: *Make sure if you attend this one and bring a friend that you get credit to be that friend's enroller. I cannot attend this class, but will be glad to help you on Friday. You can also find Camie Perry or Amanda Norris there that night and they will be glad to help. :)

I'm teaching some classes for friends this month, too. I would love to teach one for you! If you have 5 or more folks new to doTERRA, I will give you a diffuser or a hardback resource book for hosting!