January Tornado Tech Talk

A techie news letter from CPS teachers grades 5-12

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So. . .What IS a Makerspace?

What is a Makerspace and Why Should Every School Have One?

According to Michael Gorman, a leading maker movement gooru, "The idea behind the Makers Movement includes allowing people to imagine, envision, create, innovate, play, formatively learn, experiment, collaborate, share, and most of all dream of possibilities. The idea of making is really not a new concept. In fact,the art of making is at the root and mixed into to the very fabric of our culture. I believe that the amazing innovation we have seen in this country is due to a Maker mentality. We have long been a culture set on dreaming up possibilities, and then taking the action to make it happen. The initial growth of technology has somewhat taken some of our creativity and produced consumption based thinking. We are now past the initial way of thinking, and the Makers movement allows people to finally use the technology to create and make."

What Can My Classes Do in the Makerspace?

Connecting your curriculum to makerspace activities is important, because the makerspace is about more than just playing. It's about developing 21st century skills for 21st century jobs which include jobs that we haven't even thought of yet! Turn prose into greeting cards, build a historic building or 3D battle scene, use math skills to design a vector drawing and cut it out with a laser printer. Learn basic coding and create something with the 3D printer. Are you teaching about circuits? Use the Little Bits and allow students to design their own mp3 player, room alarm, or arduino. Teach the process of design, fabrication, and marketing. The ideas are as unlimited as your imagination. Teachers are welcome to use the makerspaces too!

CHS, CMS and WES Tech Training for January

I've alternated schools between Tuesday's and Wednesday so that if you can't attend the meeting at your school on on of the day assigned, you can always come to the other school on the alternate day. Anyone can come to either school for training. You can RSVP on the dates below. Website badges will be awarded, AND there might be chocolate.

Tech Tuesday - They're Messing With You!

Tuesday, Jan. 5th, 3:30-4:30pm

CMS --ask in office for location

Come find out how to secure your iPad against theft, adult content, students messing with your settings.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Tech Wednesday - They're Messing With You!

Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 3:30-4:30pm

WES Library

Student can sometimes use the iPads against us, virtually disabling the iPad from being used. Come find out how to secure your iPad against theft, adult content, students messing with your settings, and disabling your iPad with guided access.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Tech Tuesday - GMail It Does More Than You Think

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 3:30-4:30pm

CHS Veiwing Room

Gmail--It does more than you think.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Tech Wednesday GMail It Does More Than You Think

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 3:30-4:30pm

CMS--Ask in Office for Location

Gmail--It does more than you think.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Google Extension Feature

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Google Tone

Google recently announced a new Chrome extension called, Google Tone. This extension has been added to all student and teacher Chrome accounts. You will need to do nothing to install it, because it's already there. You should see the icon above to the right of your omnibox (url box). The extension allows teachers to send a tone to all chromebooks in their classrooms, that will automatically direct student machines to a particular url (website). Here's a quick tutorial. Keep in mind you'll need to skip the install part of the video, that's already done! Enjoy!

Chrome App Feature

Screencastify has to be the easiest screen casting I've ever used! It simply requires chrome users to click on the app and then click record. It's perfect for creating your own teaching video, OR turn it around and have your students create their own videos. When recording is finished you simply select the stop icon and it gives you the option of saving to Google drive or to YouTube. If you are using Google Classroom, students can turn in the Google file or send you the link to their youtube video. Find Screencastify in the Web Store or by clicking here.
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198,981 Hour of Code events around the world

Thanks Hour of Code Participants!

Thanks Mrs. Pool, Mrs. Knabe, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Keeton, Mrs. Rodriquez, Mrs. McCrite, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Thacker, Mrs. Pruitt and several others that I didn't even know about who participated in The Hour of Code along with millions of other students across the globe the week of December 7-11. It was so much fun watching students learn basic computer coding. I've no doubt we inspired some future programmers. Be sure to ask these teachers how easy it was to participate!
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Kyte Classroom Technology Simplified

Do you prefer to learn on your own, on your at your own convenience? Here's yet another website for technology integration learning.