Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

Grade Level: Kindergarten/ Subject Area: Language Arts

Curriculum Connections-

During the month of April, kindergarten students will be learning all about insects such as butterflies. They will be able to explore the different stages of a butterflies life, including reproduction by being able to observe the caterpillars placed in the classroom.

Performance Objectives-

After completing this lesson, students will have a strong understanding of the butterfly life cycle and the different stages of development from a caterpillar to a butterfly. They will be able to recognize when the caterpillars in the classroom emerge into stages and will have a clear understanding of the next stage of growth. Students will be able to make connections to texts as well as completing independent tasks to show their understanding.

Materials Needed for the Life Cycle of a Butterfly Activity;

  • Paper plates ( one for each student)
  • Black eyed peas( represents the egg)
  • Colored pasta's- Rottini pasta= green (represents the caterpillar), conchiglie pasta= blue (represents the chrysalis) and farfalle pasta= red ( represents the butterfly)
  • Liquid glue
  • Pencils/ Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • scissors
  • Blank text box sheet ( for senior kindergarten students)
  • Sheet with title of each stage ( for Junior kindergarten students)
  • Cue cards ( contains picture and name of each stage)


  1. Distribute a paper plate to each student
  2. Distribute sheet with the stages written to Jk students, and the sheet with the empty text boxes to the Sk students
  3. Jk students must cut the labels and paste them on the paper plate with the title in the center of the plate
  4. Sk students must write the stages using a pencil and use the cue cards provided to help them spell
  5. Sk students must cut and paste the stages onto the paper plate with the title in the center of the plate
  6. Once the stages are labeled on the plate, students can paste the colored pasta on the plate
  7. The black eyed peas and colored pasta should be glued in the correct order to show the butterfly life cycle

Classroom management-

in order to make sure every student is successful and remains on task, I will incorporate different learning strategies in my lesson such as; auditory, visual and Kinesthetic learning styles. For example, the reading portion of the lesson will target both auditory and visual learners by allowing them to make connections to the text through the images provided and discussions on the blue floor. Also, the video portion of the lesson will maintain students attention and interest because it is targeted towards their age group.


Assessment and Evaluation Tools-

Lesson Plan- Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

Friday, April 17th, 11:30am-12pm

1385 Sherwood Mills Boulevard

Mississauga, ON

Activities for the day-

  1. Discuss the stages of the Butterfly Life Cycle using a display of a diagram on the overhead to recap information ( 11:45- 11:50)
  2. Read the Magnificent Monarchs book and engage in discussions with the students (11:50- 12:15)
  3. Show episode of Furchester Hotel: Elmo and Phoebe Discover a Butterfly (12:15- 12:26)