Bungie, You Get a High Salary!

By: Iquoc (Warning title is not that true.)

Car Loan Kinda Cheap

My car is the Dodge Viper although its not fuel efficient its freaking awesome! The loan for this car in Seattle is around $1317. PLUS $80 for gas.

Going Shopping!


Approximately $97 is spent for food expenses by me.

Household Items

Since I don't use to much, an average of $49 is spent on my household item.

Internet And Phone

I would play a lot games, so I would need some Wi-Fi and for safety a phone which in total is $215.


I don't wear to much clothing so I might spent around $46.

Home Owners

Electricity And FIRE!

The total amount I would have for my air conditioner would be $85.

Monthly Income

I would earn an average of $73,082 a year, and about $6090 per month. But do to those idiotic tax's I only get $4872. OH... MAN!

Bungie HQ

Bungie is a game company located in Seattle, Washington. And is where I work, and how I earn my money.