Mountain Learning Space

3 months snow, fun, learning and finding yourself

We're open from January till March!

For the months January, February and March the Mountain Learning Space we're building together a space to live, learn and work - enjoy, challenge ourselves, calm down and come back to ourselves up in the mountains in a community of loving people.
For the three months a dedicated and skilled team of facilitators will hold a space for diverse group settings and learningful confrontations.

The Mountain Learning Space is a place to settle down, to be, to work, to create and to learn together, with and from each other. It is an open community space, co-working space, where people live and work for a certain period of time and share knowledge, ideas and resources. We regard learning as a holistic and life-long process.

In the Mountain Learning Space clients stay for a day, a week, a month or a year. It depends on what you make out of it.

It is a place to think, share and gain new ideas; to retreat, to work and to live. The MLS is an international, intergenerational and interdisciplinary be - do - think tank.

High, low and no tech go hand-in hand with one another. In the mountains people in all times have had a deep connection with nature. We strive to integrate ecological principles such as permaculture and establish a network with the local producers to buy and market their products.

Imagine a HUB in the most beautiful mountain landscape, inspiring and active people around you, a whole set of coaching, facilitation and business tools - and you choose what you make of it for your own best.


What will it look like?
In the Learning Space participants live together for as long as each one chooses. You can come for a day, for a week or stay three months.
The hosts and facilitators create a variety of spaces of which participants can choose and which they can make themselves.

(Every second week, a specific topic will be tackled, while the ones in between are entirely open for what participants bring in.

Part about Movement

Creativity is a passive process (Way of the artist...) so do something else to get somewhere.

Mountain Learning Space

Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 11:45pm to Monday, March 31st, 1am

Alpbach, Austria

Alpbach, Tir.

Location not set in stone yet.