A wonderful, amazing guy.

Where he was born and when he was born?

  • He was born on May 7,1840 in Votinsk,Russia.
  • Lifespan-1840-1893

Family and Early Life!

  • Tchaikovsky's family was wealthy,middle class.
  • His parents names are Ilya Petrovick Tchaikovsky and Alexandra Tchaikovsky.

Tchaikovsky's FAMILY!!!!!!!

True Facts!


  • Tchaikovsky's most famous pieces of plays are, Swan Lake,The Nutcracker,and Sleeping beauty!
  • Tchaikovsky was shy and had low self-esteem.
  • Tchaikovsky married Arotonia Miliukova but the marriage only lasted 9 weeks.
  • He quit the civil service and took music as his profession.

How did he die?

  • It was believed that Tchaikovsky died from cholera after drinking a glass of water that wasn't boiled.
  • November 6,1893

Why is he still famous today?

They still do Swan Lake now and his music was very good. People today still miss his plays and music! <3