Child Care

Brentwood High School - Mrs. Aloia - Room 122

Course Description

In this class you will be creating age appropriate activities for preschool children! Topics include:

  • Circle Time
  • Large Group for Gross Motor Activities
  • Art
  • Sensory Play
  • Math/Science
  • Social Studies/Practical Life

It is also your responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment and guide the children in the learning process. This class requires you to become a teacher's aid so it's super important to be a great role model to these children.

Additional Information

  • Mondays will be your day to prepare for the upcoming week's preschool. Preschool operates every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday unless otherwise specified.
  • Grades consist of lesson plans and participation. If you come to class prepared the preschool will be relaxed and much more enjoyable!
  • At the beginning of each month you will be given a calendar. Use this calendar to keep track of your assignments.
  • Lesson plans must be done correctly in order to receive full credit!
  • Participation will be graded with the teacher evaluation rubric.
  • At the end of the marking period your role as a teacher's aid will be evaluated with the performance evaluation.

“The child can develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experiences ‘work’.” - Maria Montessori

  • What should I do if a child cries?
  • Do I have to discipline the children?
  • If the children have snacks, do I get some too?
  • Is there nap time?
  • Are lesson plans hard to write? How long do they need to be?
  • How do I come up with creative lesson plans?
  • On top of lesson plans and preschool, what else am I expected to do?
  • When does preschool start?