Definite Daniela

The glorious look into my World ! (;

Info about myself🚶

My name is Daniela.I was born in January 11, 2002. I live whit my parents and my 3 siblings . I haven't found myself in this world yet , that's something i never had told anyone about. I just see myself as an outsider. But oh well (: I love giving people advice , its such a wonderful felling when people come to ask you for YOUR help. I love to eat and stay active :/ But yes I love sports and joining extra curricular activities after school. I am Vice president of student council and in volleyball. Spending time whit my family is honestly the greatest thing I could ever do whit my time.

My life is like an unwritten book waiting for people to read it.

I go to church almost every Sunday. I am bossy. People say im shy and im like "you know i got feelings, right ?".

I was born in El Paso TX, and moved to Juarez when I was 3.

The bond I have whit my family is really unexplained, Its so great we all really get along.

My parents work their butts off to bring food to the table.

My dad recently lost his job over the summer and its really hard to tell my siblings that we cant get that in the store. But he applied to soo many jobs that I lost count. Luckily he got a job and yesterday was his first day at work.

Anyhow I am so dam tired of all the bitchy drama people include me into.

This year, I am more foucosed onto my work.

I want to be a top 10 percent in my senior year so my parents wont bother onto my college money.

See me in a future playing tennis because ill be the new Serena Williams , even better.

I want to make a change (;

My main goal in life is to be remember in the future generations as something good.

My Hero👥 ❤

My Hero is my Parents.

They made the person whom I am today.

Ever since I was born my parents had struggled whit economic issues.

We'd always lived in an apartment and could not always get the toys me and my siblings wanted.

I am so dam grateful to have them as my parents. I would had been a self-conceited bitch, attention drag-er, and poorly educated if it wasn't for them. I can't wait till I see the look onto their faces when they see all the accomplishment I'll do in a future. I want to buy my parents all the stuff they ever deserved.

They perused me to do good and to believe into God.


My Favorite item is Tennis Racket. It brings you closer onto the person whom you are. Its a weird felling to express while holding it. People say its stupid but they're just stupid into saying that.

It makes me feel for once that I am part of something.

Tennis is my life and my racket is my baby.

I guarantee you to buy one!