The New and Improved Ibackpack

Why carry a big heavy backpack when you can use a light one!

Yesenia Muniz

Speech 8-3


Do you hate carrying big backpack back and forth to class?

Well now there is a solution! The Ibackpack! The lightest backpack EVER. It downloads you papers that your teachers give you. Also it downloads the boring books that your history teachers give you.

The IBackpack is a new essentile. It was made to help students that have a heavy load of stuff to carry.

The 214 Store

Just find the local 214 Store to buy it

Hope to see you soon.

We hope convinced you to buy our product. have a nice day!

The Winner is....

Tuesday, June 4th, 9pm

103 lexington Road,Ennis, TX

You can some to our store and sign up for the FREE IBackpack give away we will draw a name but you first have tp come and sign up. This is an all day event.

What our company is...

We were founded in 1999 June 1st. Our first manager was Alan Rufuse James.