Best Friends

Dacy Slayton, Kayla Moore, and Maddie Sanders

Written by: Savana Woodard

Dacy Slayton

Dacy Slayton is a funny girl. She's smart... in her own way. She knew me since 5th grade when I was the new kid at our school. She has an Instagram that I will NOT share. She's my buddy. Her favorite color is Orange, favorite food is steak. Her full name is Dacy Michelle Slayton. That's Dacy for ya.

Kayla Moore

Kayla is a weird girl who video calls me a lot. She has 2 dogs named Grace and Frazier. She has a GIANT back yard with a trampoline and swing set. She is the smartest girl I know besides Maddie Sanders. Her favorite food is Pizza, favorite color is purple and her favorite animal is puppies. She's a crazy girl! Her full name is Kayla Brianne Moore.

Maddie Sanders

Maddie is a smart girl who loves golf. Her favorite color is blue, favorite animal is monkey and she has 2 pets named Rascal and Birdie, they are a Dog and a Guinea Pig. She is almost 12. She's a weirdo also. Her full name is Maddie Michelle Sanders

About ME!!

My name is Savana Woodard. I hate it when people spell my name like this:Savanna or Savannah. I also hate when people SAY my last name like this:Woodward. My B-day is 12/03/03. My BFFs are, of course, Kayla, Dacy, and Maddie. I like muffins because I hate frosting. My favorite animal is a puppy, my favorite color is blue, and I love my BFFs. I be like,"Hi Fam!"

All of us

We all love each other as family instead of friends because we are BFFs for life, we will always have each other's backs and always celebrate one another's birth day. We are fam and nothing can change that!

Mah Friends Da Best