The Great Trinity


First Thing's First, They're The Realest

Scrublands are one of the most unique biomes to exist. They're classified according to their low amounts of rainfall, defined seasons, and lack of large plants.

Three types of scrubs exist throughout the world. Thorn, Mediterranean, and Chaparral, each type containing features individual to themselves.

Thorn Scrubs, AKA Africa!

About Thorn Scrubs

Thorn scrubs are dry year round, and are popular for their small, spiny plants, sparse landscapes, and fascinating animal life. These scrubs are most commonly found in Africa, where Gazelle, Giraffes, and Rhinos can be found, as well as various other, lesser-known-but-still-interesting species.

Mediterranean Scrubs, Where The Wild Things Roam!

About The Animals

Animals such as these can be found around Mediterranean scrublands. These scrublands are the most temperate, wild mild weather and sparse-but-not-rare amounts of rainfall. Animal's that live in Mediterranean scrubs adjust to these conditions by scavenging and hunting for weaker, older prey.

Chaparral Scrubs, Australia's Outback And So Much More!

About This Awesomeness

Chaparral Scrubs can be found in various locations of the world, such at western USA and South America, as well as Cape Town of South Africa, but the most famous chaparral scrub is Australia. This is where some of the more well known, unusual animals- such as those listed above- exist. Chaparral scrubs get more rainfall than the other two scrub lands, but their unique climates and seasons have led to equally unique animal and plant life, making these one of the most fascinating biomes to exist.
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In Conclusion, They're Pretty Awesome.