Kingsky Flight Academy

Publix Employee Special

Program Pricing and Discounts Just for Publix Employees

We have significantly lowered our normal pricing for those Publix employees interested in learning to fly. $8,500 is what you need to fly for the entire private pilot program. That's a $1200 discount! This includes your books, online ground school, flight time, instructor, written exam and checkride.

Flying is unlike any other experience! It's a hobby you can share with loved ones to create memories that will last a liftetime.

**Financing is available**

Accelerated flight training that doesn't sacrifice quality

Here at Kingsky Flight Academy, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce safe and knowledgable pilots in the most efficient time period possible. In your two to three weeks of training, you will be completely immersed in aviation which grants you the ability to learn, absorb, and reinforce everything you are exposed to while you are learning to fly.

Visit our School!

We are located just minutes from Publix. Kingsky Flight Academy is located in beautiful Lakeland, Florida. We encourage anyone interested in attending our school to visit us and see for yourself our facilities and our excellently maintained planes. See why people from all over the world have chosen our school to train and guide them into becoming safe and knowledgable pilots.